Da Vinci's Inside Joke

That’s no enigmatic smile. It’s a condescending smirk.


MAYBE YOU HAVEN’T subscribed to this site,* or aren’t following my progress on the three novels in The Butterfly Myths series (here, on the Facebook page). If not, you wouldn’t know about my latest spin-off project.

Set in current day Austin, Texas, Book 3’s villainous Francis Giocondo, an embittered art critic, will make it his mission to destroy the late-blooming art career of my main character, an innocent, if misguided, painter of butterflies.

Safely ensconced in his downtown high-rise, Giocondo uses his website, MoaningLisa.org, to publish scathing reviews of artists he believes lack the proper social or political agenda in their work. He regularly dispatches his like-minded minions, called The Moaning Lisas, to hover ominously at such art exhibitions wearing Mona Lisa masks to express smug disapproval of the art on display (he says that’s not an enigmatic smile the Mona Lisa wears but a smirk).

The spin-off project I mention is the real-live manifestation of Giocondo’s website. MoaningLisa.org will go live around the time the books come out (planned for spring or summer of 2017) and will stay live, reviewing real-time art shows in Texas (only without Francis’s snarky attitude).

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