The Secrets of Levi Isinglass - James Michael Starr

The Secrets of Levi Isinglass


QUESTIONS? YES, the parents who sat before Levi Isinglass in the Lindera School music room that day, they asked a few. But just as many questions were left hanging in the air. Most of them about Mr. Isinglass himself.

Still, they didn’t ask. Perhaps no one wanted to look a gift horse in the mouth. After all, it wasn’t every day a talent scout from a fancy Chicago music academy came rolling into town, dangling the prospect of a singing career in front of their starry-eyed kids.

These steelworkers and their wives might be doomed to die in this Ohio-River-valley-mill town, but that didn’t mean their children had to.

Nonetheless Mel Katz remained skeptical. It takes a liar to spot a liar, and he knew Levi Isinglass had to be hiding something. And given the stranger’s secretive nature, the owner of The Tartarus Club could also tell it wasn’t just any little secret, rather one he suspected might be the sort that could get Isinglass killed.

And thus a secret he knew Isinglass would want to keep.


You’re reading individual installments of the upcoming picture book, Lindera: A Butterfly Myths Photo Album, introducing you to the faces and places you’ll read about in more detail in my upcoming novels.
That series,
The Butterfly Myths, Books One, Two and Three will be published later in 2016. 




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