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Katz & Mouse


THOUGH HIS SHADY POOL HALL was a front for other, even shadier activities, that little operation tells you all you need to know about minor kingpin Mel Katz. (Seen above in a suit and fedora, his henchmen by his side.)

Considering who he was–a small-time hoodlum who liked to toy with his victims–what more fitting place could there be than The Tartarus Club, with its games of billiards and poker? And what more appropriate home for one who played so fast and loose with dangerous mob connections?

But don’t feel too sorry for Mel’s clientele, people who were at least somewhat complicit in their own victimization. The otherwise upstanding citizens of Lindera–and even the police themselves–tended to look the other way when it came to his loan sharking and illegal numbers game. Though, in the end, they would all be forced to face the truth.

And head-on, so to speak, since not long after he’d fled town unexpectedly, he started coming back to Lindera–one body part at a time.


You’re reading individual installments of the upcoming picture book, Lindera: A Butterfly Myths Photo Album, introducing you to the faces and places you’ll read about in more detail in my upcoming novels.
That series,
The Butterfly Myths, Books One, Two and Three will be published later in 2016. 




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